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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Zara Sale

To all fashionistas out there, you might want to check out Zara  at Shangri-la Mall, which is currently on sale until August 5, 2012. 

I actually wanted to buy the white shirt that the mannequin is wearing. My husband says it's cool to wear it, plus I like white shirts. I asked Zara's Manager, Pam, but was told it's not possible because they will ship it back to Spain right after Zara's sale (hmp, sad...).

What I bought instead is this nude, killer 4 inch heels, from P2,990 to 1,990. Not bad for a sturdy and nice looking pair of shoes.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fashionista Career Women

Gone are the days when career women would dress up in uniforms provided by the company. 
Spotted at McCormick's Bread Spread Media Launch are Fashionista Career Women who gamely posed for this blog's feature.

Little Black Dress (LBD) 

The off-shoulder effect gave her that sexier appeal.

The pump, neclace and bracelet blended well 

The white pants and cream top is a very classic ensemble. Less effort and yet still  looking great.

Her purple and black mix made her stand out among the crowd. I particularly like the bangle her mom bought for her.

Thanks much, beautiful ladiesl!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Easy Ab Workout

When I gave birth to twins Julia and Rafael, I gained 62 pounds.  Three years after, I gave birth again with youngest child, Juan. I noticed that my tummy area stayed the same, as if I'm still pregnant.  I get questions like, are you on the way and how many months are you on the way. Ouch!

Because of the above mentioned questions I bought and tried a lot of Ab workout videos but I'd usually end up hating it because most of them are hard to follow.

Last 2007, I bought this video and it actually helped me find some of my abs. Kidding aside, this is the only ab exercise I keep because not only it is effective, the workout is easy which includes mostly  leg ups. 

This video includes warm up, 20 minute ab workout, and  5 minute (if busy) quick fix ab workout. This is best among all my ab workout because it shows movements that elongate and lengthen abs creating lean lines and enhances posture. It targets upper and lower abs, obliques and love handles.

I wanted to give my mommy friends this video for Mother's Day but when I went to video stores it's out of stock. I don't know if this is downloadable. I hope you can still find a copy for I highly recommend this to women who want to develop abs the easy way. 

Now, I'm confident to wear skinny jeans, short and tight-fitting tops and dresses.

 With my bunsoy, Juan, at LILIW ADVENTURE

With Luke Mijares at MEDICARD'S 25th ANNIVERSARY

With Enchong Dee at Ipanema Jungle Show

With Hulk at Toy Kingdom Megamall

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Skin Care is Cetaphil Care

The launch of Cetaphil new television commercial at Chef''s Quarter yesterday gave media and guests a deeper knowledge about Cetaphil's product. 

Cataphil boasts of a strong medical heritage spanning 65 years. In 1947, Cetaphil was invented as a compounding vehicle for dermatological remedies.  Currently, Cetaphil offers moisturizers and Cleansers that work for all skin types. Cetaphil has been tried, tested and trusted by both Dermatologists and Pediatricians worldwide.

I highly recommend their newest product, Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion and Daily  Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15,
For very dry skin, Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion offers true 24 hour hydration that is clinically proven with ERC5. ERC5 is a combination of 5 unique ingredients that help hydrate skin for 24 hours.

Daily  Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15 is light and non-greasy. It is essential for everyday used for protection against both UVA and UVB rays.
True to its promise, all Cetaphil products will remain committed to providing evidence based skin care for compromised, sensitive skin.

To learn more about Cetaphil products and win in their promos and contest, Like Cetaphil Philiippines in Facebook

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Real Clothes for Real Women

When Janice Villanueva and Candice Cu first put up Mommy Matters more than 10 years ago, they agreed on one important factor: their line of nursingwear must be something that real moms would want to wear. Many years later, the cousins have stayed true to their vision, creating clothes for breastfeeding mommies that are cozy yet stylish, comfortable and fuss-free.

Launching its newest collection, Mommy Matters enlisted the support of four of the most-followed moms in the blog and Twitter world.  These are real moms who bare their lives, beliefs and opinions in their own online homes. They live busy and full lives, running their households and businesses, raising their children, all are even currently breastfeeding their babies. Real moms like them need wearable fashion, and the brand they wear celebrates the strength, independence and wisdom of moms of today. Meet the real women who wear the real fashion of Mommy Matters!

Paola Loot works at Mommy Treats from the comfort of her home. While her one-and-a half-year old daughter sleeps, Paola prepares orders for her nutrient-fortified cookies, which have helped many breastfeeding moms increase their milk supply.

A totally modern mom, Paola makes full use of her digital gadgets to help her track her life—from her baking schedule to her daughter’s doctor appointments. She is also not shy to step back and ask for help with her tasks to give her time to relax. Paola explains, “When I accepted that I needed help with my baking and that it’s okay to take some “me-time” away from my daughter, I became happier and calmer. By remembering my needs as a person, I have achieved some sort of balance in my life.”

For Paola, a real mom acknowledges her imperfections—and strives to do better. She says, “A real mom forgives herself. She knows that she can’t always do things perfectly. She’ll make mistakes along the way but she won’t let those mistakes define her. She’ll teach her kids, through example, that it’s not our mistakes in life that will define us, it’s what we do with it that will.”

On Saturdays, Kris de Guzman goes on a dinner-movie date with her husband. It’s a breather from the typical week that has them taking care of their two children’s needs while managing their professional lives. Kris is the mom behind the popular blog, OcMominManila. She is also a director at her marketing agency and runs a water filtration business.

For her, happiness is being able to work from home, with ample assistance from her household and her smart phone, which “has made me more sane, especially during hour-long breastfeeding sessions.”

But when it came time to teach her daughter one of the most significant development milestones in a child’s life, she turned to an age old contraption. Kris says, “An andador—that bamboo circular walker you can buy off the back of a white carabao—is the best and cheapest gadget to teach your baby to walk.”

Indeed, Kris is one mom who is not afraid to make her own rules when it comes to parenting. She says, “I parent according to my own rules based on what I feel is right and what I’m comfortable with, not because of what’s on trend or what’s expected of me.”

Because she doesn’t have a yaya—because she doesn’t want one—Martine de Luna does a lot of multitasking. While she has breakfast with her son, she answers her e-mail, responds to inquiries, and replies on comments on her blog, www.DaintyMom.com. A blog which she started right after coming from her maternity leave, it has become both a resource and a source of inspiration for work-at-home moms and mompreneurs.
She says, “Right now, I’m a wife, mom, and a homemaker who can work from home… I am passionate about all of these things, and the fact that I am living out all of these things.”

It helps that her husband works from home, too, and every week, they go out on weekly lunch dates. She says, “We like to stick to our favorite haunts, but once in a while we explore new places.” 

For Martine, “A real mom is OK not being ‘supermom.’ She makes her own brand of motherhood work in a way that’s best for her family and not as the world dictates it… The important thing is that we’re happy learning together.”

Eliza Santiago Ypon is not, by a long shot, a perfectionist. Unlike her mom, who likes everything neatly arranged, Eli reveals, “I sometimes bring the pot to the table and serve from there, and I always have a pile of laundry. She [Eli’s mother] can’t live without household help, while I revel in the freedom of not having one. I’m glad she’s like that because her house is always my haven when I’ve come to the end of my wits. There’s always food on the table and extra hands to care for Basti! I’m so grateful for her.”

The mom behind www.painterswife.com, Eli also teaches classes at Gymboree, likes doing crafts projects, and occasionally serves as her artist husband’s representative. Her days are full, but happy. She says, “Happiness is not elation, it’s contentment. It’s knowing you’re where you’re supposed to be, and loving and accepting the good and bad of it.”

“I am a real mom because I made it a choice to be real,” says Eli.
“A real mom is honest. Not just about what she is, but what she feels and what she needs. She has a brain, a soul, and a spirit big enough for a household and then some. Before we forget, she also has her own dreams and aspirations. Sometimes it’s not about all of you, but about her.”

Mommy Matters enjoins all moms to share their REAL MOM statements and stories. Follow Mommy Matters on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mommymatters and MommyMattersPH on Twitter, and tweet using the hashtag #RealMom. For product info, visit www.shopmommymatters.com. Also watch out for more Real Mom campaign stories through our Real Mom bloggers.


A REAL MOM is an authentic, she feels empowered and fearless in making her own choices. She is able to give herself a pat on the back for a job well done, and stands up and dusts it off when she makes mistakes. She knows life is about easy choices and tough decisions but in the end, it’s about what makes her, her kids and her family happy.

- is a mom who is authentic.She does what’s best for her children and not
according to what others expect of her or how they will judge her. (Kris de Guzman)
- is OK not being “supermom.” She but makes her own brand of motherhood work, in a way that’s best for her family and not as the world dictates it. (Martine de Luna)
- is honest. Not just about what she is, but what she feels and what she needs. She may or may not take things in stride. She may be right sometimes and wrong too, at times, but while she calls the shots, she's ALWAYS right :-P. She has a brain, a soul and a spirit big enough for a household and then some. Before we forget, she also has her own dreams and aspirations. Sometimes it's not about all of you, but about her. (Eliza Ypon)
 - forgives herself. She knows that she can’t always do things perfectly. She’ll make mistakes along the way but she won’t let those mistakes define her. She’ll teach her kids, through example, that it’s not our mistakes in life that will define us, it’s what we do with it that will. (Paola Loot)


Mommy Matters celebrates motherhood with this continuation of its real mom campaign featuring four of the most followed personalities in the mom blogging scene.

Mommy Matters is one of the leading pioneer nursingwear brands in the Philippines. Its apparel is known for its high quality, wearable fashion and our constant innovations to answer our market's needs and wants.

(Above article is a press release)