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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Harnn is now in the Philippines

Harnn, a leading Asian brand of body care and home spa productsnches is now in the Philippines with 2 branches that sets the new standard for a new contemporary luxury lifestyle.  HARNN’s retail stores captures the spirit of traditional herbal medicine shop but with a luxurious flare.  

The Asian artistic heritage is reflected in each of HARNN’s award-winning product and packaging designs, making each piece a contemporary luxury designed to enrich your everyday life.

Apart from HARNN skincare and home spa products, HARN Products Co., Ltd. launched VUUDH home fragrance collection and TICHAA organic white mulberry herbal infusion to create a total wellness experience in line with the HARNN’s holistic philosophy to wellbeing.
HARNN has become a world leading Natural Home Spa product brand with exclusive concept shops and flagship stores in 15 countries.  

To know more about HARNN, please visit our web site at www.harnn.com or visit HARNN retail stores located at:  
G/F Glorietta 5, Ayala Center, Makati City
2/F SM Megamall A, Mandaluyong Cit

Jasmine Collection - Natural Beauty

Jasmine is one of the most treasured blossoms throughout civilizations of Asia and Asia Minor. In Asia, Jasmine is the traditional flower for making delicate and fragrant garland for offerings to deities as well as for use in auspicious occasion to present to respected elders as symbol of humility. In Thailand, Jasmine symbolizes the purity of mother’s love and care for her children. The aromatherapy effect of Jasmine essential oil is unsurpassed emotional tonics. The sensuously rich and exotic aroma of Jasmine essential oil is cleansing, uplifting and purifying.


Cymbopogon Collection - Restore Natural Skin Balance

The union of East and West creates a synthesis of ultimate delight with the concoction of Lemongrass and Lavender.  The zesty citrus aroma of pure Lemongrass essential oils is balanced with the sweet and refreshing scent of pure Lavender essential oil for a unique Eurasian fragrance. Lemongrass, Cymbopogon flexuosus, is native to South and Southeast Asia.  Traditionally use to provide fragrance for food and drinks. Asians have discovered Lemongrass natural antiseptic, antifungal, antimicrobial and anti-inflammation properties and have used Lemongrass extensively in traditional herbal medicine and ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine.  Lavender, Lavandula Angustifolia originated from Asian Minor with first recorded use during Greek civilization and expanded usage during the Roman Empire.  Lavender possesses a sweet and refreshing scent with natural antiseptic and anti-inflammation properties as well as calmative and aid restful sleep.

Oriental Rose Collection - Enhance Natural Skin Tone

HARNN Oriental Rose collection utilizes pure Chinese Rose essential oil for the rich and mesmerizing natural fragrance.  Key active ingredients utilize high technology in processing natural ingredient to create nano seaweed extract from Rhodymenia Palmate (red seaweed) and Ulva Lactuca (green seaweed) to maximize effectiveness in stimulating Collagen and Elastin production for younger looking skin with natural anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidant properties to reduce signs of aging.  Nanospheres Coenzyme Q10 combines with Phoshlipid from Soybean and Carrageenans from Seaweed help deliver nourishment deep into your epidermis for most effective moisturizing experience.

Tropical Wood Collection - Absolute Age-Defying Body Care

Tropical Wood Collection balances pure essential oil of Sandalwood and Orange Blossom to create soothing and refreshing scent yet calming aroma. The Fresh Cells extracting actives from nature enriched with vitamins and antioxidant properties. NanoWhite Technology helps reduce dark spots and skin discolorations from today harmful environment.

To capture the natural fragrance of Jasmine, delicate flowers are collected by hand as soon as they open at night and before dawn when the essential oil will evaporate by the heat of the sun.  The essential oil is extracted from delicate blossoms through a process known as effleurage by laying Jasmine blossoms on panes of fat covered glass to absorb every molecule of essential oils.  The process is repeated daily with fresh flowers until the fat is thoroughly saturated with the essential oils. This volatile organic compound is diluted with solvent to extract pure Jasmine essential oil used in HARNN's Jasmine Collection.   20,000,000 is the number of Jasmine Sambac blossoms required to product one liter of Jasmine essential oil for HARNN’s Jasmine Collection of hair and body care products to pamper and tantalize your senses with all natural active ingredients, such as, Pomegranate, Rice Germ Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, and Aloe Vera to nourish, moisturize and clarify your body and mind.

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Great Brazilian Madness at Trinoma Activity Center

On October 10-13 at Trinoma Activity Center, The Great Brazilian Madness happening  with their biggest sale event of the year with 80% mark down and 50% as the lowest discount that you will find. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Supermodel Helena Christensen Kipling’s New Collection

For its Fall 13 Collection, Kipling collaborated with supermodel Helena Christensen, forging a new, exciting range of trendy and functional tote bags and pouches that feature the respective distinctions of its designers.  

One of the world’s most photographed faces, Helena Christensen’s vibrant career kicked off when she represented Denmark in   the 1986 Miss Universe pageant. She then successfully conquered the fashion world, became a photographer, a mother, and a global ambassador for an international humanitarian organization.  With travel being a key part of her work life, Kipling has been one of her companions through the years. Thus, it was only natural that this personal relationship with the brand has blossomed into a professional collaboration.

Also, Helena truly embodies the spirit of a Kipling woman - with her multi-faceted career and a personal style anchored on her mixed Danish and Scandinavian lineage, her love for the electric rush of city life, most especially her love for family. 

These resonate in Kipling’s Helena Christensen collection; furthermore, captures those little inspirations and special moments that stand out in her life.    The medium rose bag is the focus of the collection, with the elegant photo-print design taken from one of Helena’s personal favourite shots. The vintage feel and dusky pink shade represent Helena’s passion for capturing unique beauty – no two roses are the same, after all – whilst the trademark Kipling structure ensures a tote that is as timelessly practical as it is striking. Elsewhere, the collection evokes Helena’s innate feel for vintage fabrics, with touches of laceprint alongside classic tan leather. Sure to be loved is the leather clutchshape that can be worn in several ways – perfect for those non-stop super women just like Helena everywhere. 

The collaboration between Kipling and Helena is indeed a perfect fit.  Helena relates“Kipling is a brand that I have used for so many years; it’s a part of my travel. Working with the design team has been a great eye-opener, understanding and appreciating all the elements to consider in order to make a bag durable and long lasting whilst having true credentials in style and being fashion led.”

Furthermore, Kipling vice president for product and design Tina Debo accounts, “Helena is a woman who not only looks good but more importantly knows what she loves and knows exactly how to bring the right touch and feel to our products. At Kipling we like this straight-forward and honest approach as for us it is all about bringing a well-made, functional but stylish bag that works for all busy and confident women out there.”  Kipling bags play a part in the everyday lives of more than 35 million women in 67 countries throughout the world. Kipling accompanies these women to work, on their trips, whilst playing sports and on their evenings out.

Check out the bags designed by Helena Christensen and the rest of the Kipling Fall 13 Collection this October, which also includes Mixte, a line of basic yet timeless bags featuring a chic mix of neutrals and textural twists; and Vivy, which consists of colorful snake kaleidoscope prints with leather handles and metal details.  The Helena Christensen Collection is exclusively available at selected SM boutiques nationwide. Log on to Kipling Philippines on Facebook to find out more about her and Kipling and the global photo contest at http://www.kipling.com/helenachristensen.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Uh-oh, August…have you come with many dark skies ahead?
Mr. Sun seems to be on the run these days. While the scorching weather has tamed, the clouds have erupted with occasionally angry showers. Sometimes, try as we may to keep a sunny outlook, the weather sets a gloomy tone, and can remind us of things we may have regretted in the past. Some mistakes we have made – like a slip or an unintentional fall – can result to a few unwanted scars we’d rather keep to ourselves.

Let the rain wash away the things you want to forget.
Who wants a scar to remind them of a past mistake? Perhaps it was a result of an embarrassing fall in public, an accidental slip because of the slippery sidewalk (darn rain!), or a burn from boiling water for that mug of hot cocoa and marshmallows. While some memories are worth keeping, a scar left behind isn’t always a favorite remembrance.

Different types of scars:
Raised or hypertrophic scar – confined to the area of the original skin injury; forms after the healing of the wound and is caused by overproduction of connective tissue fibers; tends to bulge and protrude above level of surrounding skin

Keloid – Also results from overproduction of connective tissue fibers and tend to bulge above the level of the surrounding skin beyond the original wound edges
After the rain comes sunshine – and on better days, a rainbow!
Summer’s long gone – but this shouldn’t dampen your sprits! Don’t let any scar keep you from hiding under your umbrella. Turn your rainy days into the best days of your life! Let the rain showers erase the past and open your heart to better, brighter days. Now you can, with Contractubex! Contractubex is a clinically proven treatment that combines the triple action of Cepae Extract, Heparin and Allantoin to help reduce the appearance of these unsightly marks on your skin.
You may notice that there are several other scar treatments available in the market today. What makes Contractubex different from other silicone-based scar treatments is that its ingredients help reduce inflammation and prevent excessive scar formation. Its water-soluble ointment base allows active ingredients to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin.
1. Cepae Extract
 - obtained from onions
- anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect
- reduces swelling and prevents excessive growth of connective tissue

2.    Heparin
        - loosens the tissue structure
        - anti-inflammatory effect
        - hydrates scar tissue
3. Allantoin
- encourages wound healing
- has a soothing effect
Contractubex comes in a gel form that makes for its easy application on the skin. Just gently massage Contractubex on the affected area 3-4 times a day or as prescribed by your doctor.  Results may be seen after at least 3 months of use. You’ll know that Contractubex is working when you notice a reduction in redness, relief of tension and less itching on the scar area. Contractubex works best when applied to fresh scars, when the wound has closed or when the sutures have been removed.
Don’t lose hope when you don’t see results early on. Contractubex works slowly but efficiently in improving your scar. As long as you follow instructions carefully, and are consistent in applying it on your scars, you’ll soon be free from the past – and be a completely new YOU, just like a rainbow after the storm!
Meet the women who have tried Contractubex, and be inspired by their triumph over scars.

Meet the women who have tried Contractubex, and be inspired by their triumph over scars.

Janice Lagman is a twenty-five year old nurse and taekwondo national athlete from Quezon City. After undergoing surgery on her right knee in 2010, she was left with a scar from the operation. Since that time, she thought she would always feel self-conscious wearing anything that revealed that mark on her leg. Her surgeon, Dr. Marc Castro, gave her samples of Contractubex, and instructed her to apply it twice a day. Janice used the product for two months, and was extremely satisfied with the results. She has now updated her wardrobe with numerous skirts and short dresses, thanks to Contractubex.
Contractubex Success Stories: “We’ve moved on!”

Belle Gascon is the owner of Skye High Fashion, an online store of imported fashion finds. She had a head injury which left a scar on her forehead after the operation. After that, she felt very conscious and her self-esteem was low. There was a time when she did not have her pictures taken nor go out with friends as often as before. She coped by wearing bangs to hide the scar. Good thing Belle’s doctor helped her recover by recommending Contractubex. After several months of use, the results were visible and she gained her confidence back. She’s now enjoying her time with friends and is not afraid to post selfies because of Contractubex.

Anica Mayo is a 26-year old mom who works as a Senior Brand Corporate Specialist in a telecom company. Giving birth is a rewarding and beautiful experience, but this left her with a Caesarian section scar. After her operation, she could not enjoy wearing summer outfits such as hanging tops or bikinis. She thought it was going to take a long time for her scar to become less visible. She tried different remedies but none of them worked until a friend suggested to her to use Contractubex. The results were surprising and ever since then, she has regained her self-esteem!

Product Overview of Contractubex
What is Contractubex?

Contractubex® is an anti-scar gel that helps lighten, flatten and soften scars. It also helps make the scar smoother and more pliable.
How does it work?

Contractubex® exerts a softening and smoothing effect on hypertrophic scars and keloids, painful and cosmetically disfiguring scars, burns and contractures.
Contractubex® contains 3 complementary active ingredients:
1. Extractum cepae  (special onion extract) has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal properties and prevents the formation of excessive scar tissue.
2. Heparin softens the tissue structure, has anti-inflammatory, anti-swelling and hydrating properties
3. Allantoin promotes wound healing, hydrates the skin and has a soothing effect which helps relieve the itching often associated with scar formation

How is Contractubex® applied?

Ideally, Contractubex® gel should be gently massaged 3-4x daily for at least 3 months. Apply only to wounds that are already closed. Start at the centre and work towards the edges, massaging the gel gently into the scar. Continue with a small, circular motion until Contractubex® is completely absorbed.

How soon can I see results?

Depending on the degree and size of the existing scar or contracture, treatment will be necessary for several weeks. Good results can be achieved after consistent application for at least 3 months.

How long should I continue to apply Contractubex®?
You can continue the treatment up to a year, if necessary.

Can children be treated with Contractubex®?
There are studies on the efficacy of Contractubex® in pediatric patients and showed no side effects on children. However, parents must consult their doctor prior to using Contractubex® on their children
Can Contractubex® be used for old scars?
It may be used for old scars however, results may be inconclusive and there might be a need for prolonged length of application.
What are the available preparations for Contractubex?
Contractubex® is sold in 10 g and 20 g gel.

Where can you buy Contractubex?
Contractubex® is available in all leading drugstores nationwide. It retails for Php 550 for 10g gel and Php 970 for 20g gel in Mercury Drug.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Mesoestetic's W+

Mesoestetic, W+ threefold action:

Whitening and Lightening: it inhibits the enzymes involved in the melanin synthesis processes, while at the same time stimulating cell renewal, removing melanin accumulations.  It makes skin tone uniform and lightens it, attenuating the appearance of dark spots.

Anti aging and moisturizing: enhances the natural skin barrier. It minimizes the pore size and reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Preventive and protective: powerful antioxidant action. It protects from UV rays and pollution.
This skin care innovations is from Barcelona, Spain and W+ is available only in Dermatologist clinics.

Find out more about Mesoestetic® Philippines: 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Flawless Introduces Most Advanced Facial to Date: Cell Booster Infusion Mask

It seems there’s no stopping Flawless, the country’s preferred clinic for face, body and medical services, from dominating the local beauty arena. Still hot from the successful launch of the country’s first affordable stem cell-based product line, the brand now marks another milestone with the introduction of its most advanced facial treatment yet, Cell Booster Infusion Mask.

“We’re really proud of this new facial as it is set to once again raise the bar for anti- and preventive-aging treatments in the country,” starts Rubby Sy, CEO of Flawless. “In a nutshell, Cell Booster Infusion Mask is designed to perform two main functions: one, to combat the effects of and protect the skin from the destructive free radicals that we encounter every day; two, to rejuvenate and improve our skins’ cell architecture by nourishing it and encouraging the tissue regeneration process.”

The science used for Cell Booster Infusion Mask allows it to deliver essential nutrients to the skin at cellular level. Using an advanced cellular repair hydrogel mask which contains highly concentrated essence of cell-activating nutrients, it promises to increase the skin's elasticity, minimize pores and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while giving the skin an undeniable glow. According to Sy, the technology for hydrogel is innovative in that it coagulates nutritious substances into a gel format and delivers active ingredients into the skin by reacting to the skin’s temperature rather than the air. It also leaves the skin feeling cool, fresh and invigorated.

“We feel very lucky to have been able to bring this one-of-a-kind technology to the country,” shares Sy. “Flawless is very proud of the fact that with this new treatment, the brand is once again able to fulfill its promise to consistently bring medically-sound beauty solutions closer to Filipinos without the Class-A prices."

About Flawless

Established in 2001, Flawless is the country’s preferred clinic for face, body and medical services. It was founded on the premise of providing Filipinos easier access to top-notch, medically-sound beauty solutions. While cost has made the brand’s offerings more accessible, the quality of Flawless’ products and services remains first class. Powered by Skin Professionals, all of Flawless’ doctors and staff regularly attend medical and dermatological conferences in and out the country and receive constant up trainings. The brand is famed for employing equipment and technologies that are at par with those used by most international dermatological facilities. 

For more information visit a Flawless Clinic near you or visit our website https://flawless.com.ph/. Stay connected, know the latest from Flawless, follow us on Facebook, Facebook.com/FlawlessFaceandBody and Twitter, Twitter.com/MyFlawless.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Stride into Summer with DV by Dolce Vita at Fashion Forum

Each season, FASHION FORUM at the SM Store brings in carefully chosen clothing, footwear and bags from the hottest US brands, and this season is no exception. The latest selection of shoes this summer come from DV by Dolce Vita.

DV by Dolce Vita was launched in 2006 as the sister label to Dolce Vita. Since then, girls have fallen in love with the line, which exudes an effortlessly cool attitude. On-trend with unexpected, irresistible twists, DV by Dolce Vita offers playful patterns and bright pops of color which can be found on easy-to-wear flats, sky-high wedges and classic pumps.

Check out the latest collection by DV at Dolce Vita at FASHION FORUM. Prices range from Php2,975 to Php3,475 a pair.

About Dolce Vita

Launched in 2001, Dolce Vita's nonchalant attitude towards fashion resulted in footwear and clothing lines that are effortlessly stylish yet delightfully flirty. By showcasing chic looks attributed to the label’s very own modern muse—the young, the restless and the glamorous, Dolce Vita has developed an earnest following and is a favorite in great boutiques everywhere.

The Dolce Vita girl exudes effortless cool. She takes the latest fashion trends and adds her own personal style in the mix, always a step ahead of the rest. Dolce Vita is always on the pulse of what’s going on in the pages of the hottest magazines and on the top must-have lists of fashion editors. With Dolce Vita shoes and clothing, you’ll always have the most sought-after styles in the hottest colors and silhouettes out there.

Fashion Forum at The SM Store

FASHION FORUM is a multi-brand boutique inside the SM Store, stocking contemporary labels from the US.

Offering a carefully chosen range of clothing from sizes 0 to 16, the selections in store will effortlessly take a woman from day to night. From work appropriate shifts, cocktail dresses and long gowns for formal occasions, there will always be a piece that will appeal to smart, independent women with an eye for classic pieces, as well as those who lean towards casual yet elegant clothes.

Because FASHION FORUM has an intimate understanding of what modern women need, the focus is always on investment dressing, where merchandise are guaranteed to be closet staples for years to come. Pricing is thoughtful and reasonable, often below the standard retail price in the US. And to create anticipation and excitement, new items, all current and in season, will arrive each month in limited quantities, with weekly deliveries in-store.

FASHION FORUM always has fresh product selections from close to 40 US brands, including Adriana Papell, Ali Ro, Donna Morgan, Donna Ricco, Julie Brown, London Times, Maggy London, Max and Cleo, Miss Couture and now Isaac Mizrahi and DV by Dolce Vita, plus more.

Visit FASHION FORUM at Megamall, Makati, Mall of Asia, North EDSA, Cebu, SM Lanang, Bacolod and soon at SM Aura in Bonifacio Global City.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Outdoor Bags

Veering away from the usual style of backpacks, Outdoor Products’ selection is filled with edgier designs while maintaining the youthful appeal of each piece. Inspired by all things fun and fashionable, the brand focuses on offering backpacks and other travel gear that are made of the finest materials, ensuring quality and practicality without ever compromising style. Keep your netbook, tablet, books, notebooks, toiletry kit, and whatever it is that you want safely inside your Outdoor backpack and enjoy the convenience of not having to worry about not being able to secure all your belongings in just one bag. For added convenience, keep everything well organized so you need not worry about not being able to find your pen, cellphone or wallet when you need it most.

Plus, Outdoor backpacks’ lightweight material made from CORDURA® Fabric makes them easier to carry around, putting less strain on your back while making it very durable. The material is ensured to withstand any abuse that your backpack might encounter. Along with Outdoor Products’ special CORDURA® fabric is its Seamlock feature, which ensures durability while maintaining the brand’s unique sense of style and versatility. Wherever you’re going or whatever you plan to put inside your Outdoor backpack, you’ll be able to enjoy Outdoors’ durability. CORDURA® fabric is best known as a durable, versatile and reliable material, constructed using high tenacity fiber technologies, weight for weight, CORDURA® fabrics are exceptionally durable. No matter how it is used, CORDURA® fabrics are “best-in-class.”

Already popular in stylish Asian countries like South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and the US, Outdoor Products’ appeal mainly lies in its youthful designs. From metallic colors, fun brights, unique prints and special collaborations like with its recent one featuring Hello Kitty, Outdoor Products presents a wide selection of options that any stylish guy or girl will love. The variety in sizes also allows you to easily choose which piece will most likely suit your packing needs.  Especially best suited for the youth, Outdoor Products allows everyone to express their individuality in style.

Outdoor Products is available at Duty Free Fiesta Mall Fashion Rack Baguio, Fashion Rack NAIA 3, Fashion Rack Subic, Landmark Makati, Landmark Trinoma, Lonely Planet, RDS Abreeza Mall, RDS Calasiao, RDS Ermita, RDS Galleria, RDS Magnolia, RDS Palawan, RDS Pampanga, Rustan’s Alabang, Rustan’s Gateway, Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Tower, SM Davao, SM Las Pinas, SM Lipa, SM Makati, SM North EDSA, SM Pampanga, Tripologie Alabang, Tripologie Boni High Street, Tripologie Eastwood.

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