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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Most Stylish Flip-Flops

When attending different social gatherings -- whether a night out with friends, a romantic date or family reunion, you definitely want to be at your best dressed in light casual clothes and a chic pair of sandals. During such fun and relaxed occasions, the world’s most fashionable Brazilian footwear brand Ipanema lets you go about with your plans wearing the most stylish, fashionable and super comfy sandals that are perfect for dress-down fashion trends or classier gigs.

Choose from Ipanema’s range of sandals Classica, Anatomica, Neo Anatomica, or Surf Temas, Chic Fem, Flora Fem or Neo Apliques that offers comfort plus exceptional colors and designs that fit different moods. These extraordinary sandals conform to every contour of the sole which means less pressure is placed on the body when walking – perfect when staying out from morning ‘til night.

Ipanema flip flops give new twists to traditional sandals with various combinations of slip-on bar, sexy thongs, printed soles, vibrant colors and designs reminiscent of Brazil’s exquisite sceneries and beaches.

Moreover, the brand takes pride of being one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable footwear around. Each pair is made up of butter-soft materials that are 99% recyclable. The innovative material is unbelievably flexible that widen the possibilities of producing creative, hypo-allergenic and super-comfy footwear with soles that are sublimely soft and perfectly padded.

Ipanema also pioneered in the creation of state-of-the-art features for flip-flops like wedges, 3D details (Envolvente in Portugese) and elaborate finishes. Higher heeled sandals are perfect for dressier styles, while 3D designs give your feet a more edgy and stylish look. Now, even when you put your sandals on, you can still see its beautiful design on all sides. And nothing beats an eye-catching accessory, whether a glittery or matte coating, a crystal or a charm, to put the icing on your flip-flop.

Aside from having the most fabulous collection of flip-flops, Ipanema is also well-known for providing utmost comfort -- its sandals that are molded to suit every feet; especially the fashion-forward set all throughout the year.

With Ipanema, any rendezvous is more enjoyable and fashionable. Know more of Ipanema’s uber chic and stylish sandals by visiting www.ipanemaphils.com.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Ginga Slippers

Try this fashionable and comfortable rubber slippers, distributed by Elro Corporation (the same company that distributes Ipanema, Grendha and Rider).

Chic Moms Club

Moms like me are a busy lot, juggling multiple things at the same time—from managing her household to their business to her personal “me time” and also time for my girlfriends.

Bounty Fresh, Asia’s Best and the pioneer in vacuum-packed chicken recently unveiled its latest offering, the Chic Moms Club (www.chicmomsclub.com), a one-stop website/ online club for the busy, tech savvy and chic moms, that includes chic mom tips in fashion, home and health, dinning and food and events.The launch was hosted by Issa Litton that really stand out on her red dress ( I love it).

In a very stylish event, Chic Moms Club fulfilled its promise in giving their members cool promos, prizes and stuff that are truly worth their bounty time with no less than Ms. Lea Salonga, Bounty Fresh ambassador and a chic mom herself, gracing the event at The Manila Peninsula.

“I like reading. In between takes, during travels, I make do of the time surfing the net and reading interesting websites and one of those that I regularly visit is the Chic Moms club site. I feel it is constantly updated and it has interesting tidbits of information that is always relevant for moms like travel tips, home and health tips and such.” Salonga said.“This event is a celebration of all moms. We understand how moms are generally busy and we know that a one-stop venue such as the www.chicmomsclub.com website helps in their time management, while providing entertainment and information as well,” shares Ms. Kathlene Gomez, Assistant Brand Manager of Bounty Fresh.

Gomez added, “through the website, we communicate our latest promos such as our Php 10 discount on Bounty Fresh chicken bought at Chooks-to-Go outlets, E-recipes from well-
known chefs and of course, exclusive invites to Bounty Fresh events.”

Spicing the chic unveiling were interviews from exclusive and renowned chefs Bruce Lim, Sau Del Rosario, Melissa Sison, David Pardo de Ayala and Jessie Sinscioco answering why they
prefer Bounty Fresh chicken.

“We are very much impressed with how Bounty Fresh is packed. Compared to other chickens around and the takal system in public markets, Bounty Fresh is vacuum-sealed and its freshness is packed and preserved. The chicken comes out plumpier and juicier, making our dishes tastier and more delicious. I consider this vacuum-packed chicken the Angus of Dressed Chicken.” Chef Sau Del Rosario explained.

Also highlighted was Bounty Fresh’s partnership with Rags to Riches with its president Therese Fernandez commenting on Bounty Fresh’s new project and its continuing support to RIIR in helping conserve the environment while providing source of income for the makers of RIIR bags.

Wrapping up the event, chic moms club members and the media went home with cool prizes while a lucky winner snatched a brand new Samsung Galaxy tablet. Chic Moms Club is fast growing and has generated more than 20,000 members since its initial public introduction.