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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Outdoor Bags

Veering away from the usual style of backpacks, Outdoor Products’ selection is filled with edgier designs while maintaining the youthful appeal of each piece. Inspired by all things fun and fashionable, the brand focuses on offering backpacks and other travel gear that are made of the finest materials, ensuring quality and practicality without ever compromising style. Keep your netbook, tablet, books, notebooks, toiletry kit, and whatever it is that you want safely inside your Outdoor backpack and enjoy the convenience of not having to worry about not being able to secure all your belongings in just one bag. For added convenience, keep everything well organized so you need not worry about not being able to find your pen, cellphone or wallet when you need it most.

Plus, Outdoor backpacks’ lightweight material made from CORDURA® Fabric makes them easier to carry around, putting less strain on your back while making it very durable. The material is ensured to withstand any abuse that your backpack might encounter. Along with Outdoor Products’ special CORDURA® fabric is its Seamlock feature, which ensures durability while maintaining the brand’s unique sense of style and versatility. Wherever you’re going or whatever you plan to put inside your Outdoor backpack, you’ll be able to enjoy Outdoors’ durability. CORDURA® fabric is best known as a durable, versatile and reliable material, constructed using high tenacity fiber technologies, weight for weight, CORDURA® fabrics are exceptionally durable. No matter how it is used, CORDURA® fabrics are “best-in-class.”

Already popular in stylish Asian countries like South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and the US, Outdoor Products’ appeal mainly lies in its youthful designs. From metallic colors, fun brights, unique prints and special collaborations like with its recent one featuring Hello Kitty, Outdoor Products presents a wide selection of options that any stylish guy or girl will love. The variety in sizes also allows you to easily choose which piece will most likely suit your packing needs.  Especially best suited for the youth, Outdoor Products allows everyone to express their individuality in style.

Outdoor Products is available at Duty Free Fiesta Mall Fashion Rack Baguio, Fashion Rack NAIA 3, Fashion Rack Subic, Landmark Makati, Landmark Trinoma, Lonely Planet, RDS Abreeza Mall, RDS Calasiao, RDS Ermita, RDS Galleria, RDS Magnolia, RDS Palawan, RDS Pampanga, Rustan’s Alabang, Rustan’s Gateway, Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Tower, SM Davao, SM Las Pinas, SM Lipa, SM Makati, SM North EDSA, SM Pampanga, Tripologie Alabang, Tripologie Boni High Street, Tripologie Eastwood.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Summer Dress

There's something about summer dresses...Hmmm, let's see...It gives you a fashion style without exerting too much effort. When wearing a soft fabric summer dress, it provides that cool effect, both in fashion and weather. Girls, don't miss out on wearing a summer dress this perfect summer season, but don't just wear it, wear with confidence and sexiness.

Here are four women I caught wearing beautifully their respective summer dresses.

Twenty-four year old Christina Barriga Ramos of Spain is wearing a summer dress she bought in SM. 

At My HealthySuperhero Event
Young Mom, Anne Chua, is five months on the way with her second child yet  is still looking sexy  with the summer dress she bought some three years ago in Thailand
Stunning Monette Garcia proudly shared she bought this Mango summer dress a year and a half ago at 50% off, around P700.

Shy and pretty Melody Co of Girl Kuripot was wearing a summer dress she bought from Thailand.

My favorite summer dresses...

This is xhiliration which I got for just P250 at Regina's in GreenhillsI actually bought it for my daughter, but it's still a bit big for her. I tried it on and voila! It fits and it's mine, mine,mine.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Kipling's Pink Collection

Love, love, love pink! That's why my I'm wearing a pink wig for my FB Profile photo. Here's another reason to love pink - Kipling's Pink Collection of bags. Go on, enjoy its cuteness, and most of all its durability

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lancel 2013 Collections

L de Lancel: A Bag for Elles

Elles are French women, Parisian women and – more generally – all women blessed with natural chic, with effortless elegance, with style. To them, Lancel dedicates the L. From now on, the Maison has decided to devote itself to women like this – Lancel’s heroines: Parisian icons, women of the world, women of sparkling wit. With the L, the Maison of fine leather goods – founded in 1876 – pays tribute to an attitude, to a way of being chic.

The L is intended for women who are sensual without overdoing it, reserved as opposed to shy, spiritual rather than intellectual, neo-classical yet deceptively well-behaved: women who require nothing – or rather, almost nothing – to be elegant.

That almost nothing is the hallmark of the L. But achieving it is a complex process. The L is a study in less-is-more, whose subtlety resides in the refinement of the work which brought it into being. Its origins lie in the understated chic of a vintage 1970’s model from the Maison’s archives. At that time, the fashion was for simple bags with a timeless functionality. It has provided Lancel with an ideal foundation to display the leather working savoir-faire, high quality leathers and purity of design which epitomize the Maison. Today, this neoclassical spirit is represented by Lancel’s new model, the L: a large size bag which encapsulates the Maison’s new direction.

With the L, there is less decoration, fewer accessories and no jewelry. Nothing but the discrete emblem of two L-shaped metal clasps.
The L evokes legendary Parisian figures like Anouk Aimée in Claude Lelouch’s 1966 film A Man and a Woman, or the timeless style of Jackie Kennedy. Jacqueline Bisset and Charlotte Rampling are further incarnations of the distinctly Parisian femininity to which Lancel pays homage.
The L ushers in a new era for the Maison: a return to the essentials, to the foundations of the style incarnated by these icons of elegance, to a distinctly Parisian sense of chic.

The L is crafted in calf’s leather from the best Italian tanneries: its quality is another sign of the desire to set new standards. A movable interior pocket is part of its DNA, but it remains a secret detail, known only to the woman who wears it.For what distinguishes the L is its discretion. Like the clean lines and impeccable drape of a perfectly cut evening jacket, it is an affair of invisible details. This understated luxury has already made the L a cult object. Lancel: 6 letters that define a new sense of luxury and the subtle charm of today’s bourgeoisie.

The small L is more compact, more insolent, yet retains all the preppy charm of its sister model. With its strap fully extended, it exudes a uniquely 1970’s style. As on the larger model, its flap has L-shaped metal clasps at each corner, subtly denoting its Lancel pedigree. With a shortened strap, the small L may be worn on the shoulder, beneath the arm.
It too contains a movable pocket, enabling essential items to be kept apart. Its workmanship and fine leathers conform to the same high standards. Like the larger model, it is lined with microsuede. The small L will also be available in precious leather versions.
The large size XL exists in a several leathers and colours. Crafted from richly textured smooth calf’s leather – processed at the finest Italian tanneries and bathed in a deep dye –the large size is graced with a timeless elegance, a style both smart and serene. The Lancel signature is suggested by the unique discretion of simple L-shaped metal clasps – a far cry from logos and monograms. It is thus in keeping with the new spirit of the Maison of fine leather goods: luxury that speaks in a whisper. 

Inspired by a 1970s vintage Lancel piece, the French Attitude encapsulates the timeless elegance that defines the Maison, as well as the always alluring spirit of French style.

The simple satchel from the 70s is revitalized with a touch of boho chic: smooth, eye-catching two-tone leather from a tannery in Tuscany; a unique hook clasp to secure the contents of the bag; a removable long strap for versatility and ease; and a flap in trompe l’oeil revealing meticulous craftsmanship in the saddler stitching of the seams.

In classic colors of black and pepper, the French Attitude is perfect for women on the go, who look effortlessly stylish in spite of their active lifestyles. The feisty yet refined bag evokes images of young, smart Parisiennes, whether strolling leisurely by the banks of the Seine or dashing past the shops along the Champs Elysees. This innate, carefree confidence is exactly what French Attitude is all about, and lives on in Lancel.

LANCEL’s Canaille: A Cunning, Charming Carry-all

Lancel’s latest offering for Spring Summer 2013 is the Canaille. French for “rogue”, Canaille (pronounced kəˈnī or “cunnigh”) is a cunning hobo that lives up to its name. Its deceptively simple silhouette belies many unconventional, discreet details: 2 hidden magnet side pockets on the outside; 2 separate spacious compartments with reverse double zips; interiors lined with luxurious microfiber suede; and a flat pocket, a phone pocket and a zipped pocket inside.

The multiple compartments and pockets make for easy organization for women who carry their lives in their bags. Moreover, the Canaille is made of unique, exceptionally supple grained young bull leather from the plateau of Bythinia (ancient region of Turkey) in the Black Sea region. So in spite of its generous proportions, this bag is surprisingly soft and lightweight, with a wide shoulder strap for extra comfort. 

The Canaille was considerately crafted by Lancel for women who prefer such a streamlined, practical carry-all, but with little thoughtful touches that let it stand out, like the bag charm with the distinctive Lancel double L featured on the strap, the signature Lancel tassels/pompoms, or the clever reverse zippers which make the bag ergonomic for even left-handed ladies. 
In elegant, easy-to-wear colors of black, ivory, saffron and stone, the Canaille is certainly a most charming addition to Lancel’s Spring Summer 2013 collection, exclusively available at Lancel’s boutique in Shangri-la Plaza. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Goody® QUIK STYLE™ Paddle Brush and Water Wicking Detangling Comb

Summer means hitting the beach, cooling off by the pool and getting into all sorts of water sports and activities that leave your hair soaking wet.  Tendency is, not only does your hair take too long to dry, but also gets all messy and tangled by the time it does. Well, great news, Goody understands your need to dry and style your hair in no time and introduced the new Goody® QUIK STYLE™ Paddle Brush and Water Wicking Detangling Comb – two time-saving tools that remove 30 percent of water from the hair to reduce overall drying and styling time!

The Goody® QUIK STYLE™ products bring clever enhancements to familiar tools that are thoughtfully designed to save your time. The Goody® QUIK STYLE™ Paddle Brush is a revolutionary product for detangling and drying wet hair. It allows for quick removal of excess water and styling with or without a hair dryer. Its super-absorbent microfiber bristles wrap around wet hair like a towel to absorb water with every stroke, while ball-tipped bristles detangle and smoothen hair, remaining comfortable on the scalp.  The Goody® QUIK STYLE™ Water Wicking Detangling Comb, on the other hand, is a slim and full-size comb that separates and smoothens hair while wicking away excess water before leaving the shower. It glides easily through hair, detangling and removing excess water, while a convenient hook allows for easy access in the shower.

Now, especially at the height of summer, every woman can spend less time drying and styling hair, and more time doing other things she truly enjoys with Goody® QUIK STYLE™!