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Friday, September 30, 2011

A New Running Sensation

There's a buzz about an innovative new running shoe in the country. New runners and seasoned runners are busy trying on this running sensation, because of the shoe’s unique CloudTec 3D cushioning: a sensation compared to “running on clouds”, due to the innovative design which protects the body against the stresses of running while also helping to enhance performance.

Chris Sports is the official distributor of On-Running. Price: Php 7995 for the Cloudsurfer, Php 8295 for the Cloudrunner. I was torn between the two colors, I'm delighted to have tried both but still undecided which to get. Suggestion?

I'm open on embracing a new and "unknown" brand in search of a better running shoe that can help prevent injury for I'm going to take my running on a higher level next year. I was very impressed on the shoe’s unique feel. The On Running differs from traditional cushioning by absorbing both the vertical and horizontal forces that stress a runner’s body so reducing impact on muscles and joints. The shoe’s flexible sole and low heel activate the postural muscles, providing the cushioning needed to run fast and long, while allowing the foot’s muscles to improve by themselves. This is probably why they say "running on clouds" because it literally feels like it, so soft and light.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Go Virginal with Extra Virgin Minerals

Ever dreamt of an immaculate complexion? Enjoy mineral make-up in total affinity with your skin! The Body Shop introduces new Extra Virgin Minerals, an innovative range of 100% pure mineral ultra-blendable foundations available in three formats.

This is the first mineral make-up collection from the Body Shop to feature an exclusive combination of award-winning 100% Community Fair Trade pure cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and ultra-fine mineral pigments, for foundation that’s in total affinity with the skin. As a result of being so finely milled, the 100% mineral pigments make the foundations incredibly easy to blend, so you enjoy natural-looking flawless results.

Wonderfully weightless for a ‘barely-there’ sensation, this mineral make-up is actually good for your complexion as it contains SPF, to help protect the natural beauty of your skin. Each non-irritating formula is fragrance and paraben-free and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and blemished skin - each foundation is non-comedogenic, meaning that it won’t block pores and lets skin breathe. The three formats are also available in eight suit-all shades, to help you achieve the perfect look.

Just come in-store or visit www.thebodyshop.com.ph and discover which format will give you the perfect coverage and finish. This perfectly pure collection fuses with your skin for ultra-even coverage and a glowy finish. No lines, no traces and perfect in any light, your skin looks immaculate. Go virginal!

Extra Virgin Minerals: The Collection
Say good-bye to mask-like make-up! It’s time to give new Extra Virgin Mineralsa go with the perfect finish for your skin type. Be Virgin!

New Extra Virgin MineralsCream Compact Foundation SPF 15 (8.5g, PHP 1,695)

A new generation compact foundation, Extra Virgins MineralsCompact Foundation is the first of its kind to come with a built-in brush, plus it has an integrated mirror for maximum convenience, so you can enjoy professional and flawless application.

Created from a unique blend of 100% ultra-fine, ultra-pure mineral pigments and 100% Community Fair Trade Italian cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, this foundation blends on like a cream and miraculously transforms to a light-weight matte finish to give a
medium to full coverage.

In addition, the skin-caring formulation benefits from moisturizing Community Fair Trade marula oil, giving 14 hours of moisturisation for comfortable wear.

New Extra Virgin MineralsLiquid Foundation SPF 30 (30ml, PHP 1,395)

For a light to medium coverage with a delightfully fresh finish, this foundation is ideal for those who prefer liquid foundation. Simply apply from the pump bottle using your Fingertips, a foundation brush or a make-up sponge.

Extra Virgin MineralsLiquid Foundation is made from an exclusive combination of pure mineral pigments and Community Fair Trade extra virgin olive oil and marula oil, creating a wonderfully blendable foundation, which is light and comfortable to wear and offers all-day hydration, 14 hours of skin moisturisation.

Extra Virgin MineralsLoose Powder Foundation SPF 25 (5g, PHP 1,495)

Brush on beautiful skin with Extra Virgin MineralsLoose Powder Foundation. Made with 100% ultra-fine, ultra-pure mineral pigments, this long-lasting premium loose foundation powder applies evenly and blends easily to give a natural-looking complexion with a radiant finish.

The colour builds effortlessly to provide adjustable coverage that effectively reduces the appearance of redness, imperfections, blemishes and visible pores and helps to minimise the appearance of fine lines.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bid Unwanted Hair Adieu

If you want to put an end to your underarm hair woes try Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center’s Diode-Laser Hair Removal Treatment. Diode-Laser Technology has an unparalleled success rate compared to other hair-removal treatments. Each session guarantees that you’re one step towards permanent underarm hair reduction.

Diode Laser is the most effective way of removing unwanted hair, with an unparalleled clinical success rate.
• Diode Laser is still widely known as the "Gold Standard" for permanent hair removal.
• Light Sheer Diode’s advantage over other laser hair removal treatments? Its longer wavelength penetrates deeper into the skin, destroying hair follicles better, which impairs the hair’s ability to grow back.
• After each session, significantly less hair grows back, resulting in permanent hair reduction.
• Diode Laser can leave your skin smoother and softer.
• For best results, 6 to 8 sessions are recommended. However, result varies on the client and depends on the number of sessions.

About Clarity:
It is a fact that every woman knows—there are so many ways to get rid of underarm hair, yet so most of them fail on so many levels. Tweezing is too time-consuming, shaving can darken underarms, waxing is painful, some laser treatments do not work well, and the list goes on. All of them offer temporary results, and none of them can even lessen the growth of hair. A woman’s common despair: how can I get rid of all this hair?
Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center, the metro’s most sought-after one-stop beauty shop which offers complete beauty solutions, knows your woes and knows how to put an end to them. Their laser hair removal procedure uses Diode technology, a breakthrough in the field which has an unparalleled success rate. What makes Diode-laser more effective than other laser hair removal procedures? Its longer wavelength weakens and destroys hair follicles, which lessens the growth of hair. Each session guarantees that you’re one step towards permanent underarm hair reduction. Even though one session shows results already, Clarity recommends at least six to eight sessions for best results.
With its team of board-certified doctors, Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center’s passion is to bring only the best services in dermatology, dentistry and cosmetic surgery, for people who value positive self-image.

I can't believe how effective (Clarity’s) Diode Laser is. Most of my hair didn't come back in just 2 sessions. I'm continuing my treatment" - Kristine Ching
Clarity’s Diode Laser is the best solution to permanent hair removal!” - Agnes Bengco
I tried Clarity's services a few years ago and whatever treatment I had surely worked. Had a great line of doctors too.” - Jinky Lopez

Sunday, September 11, 2011

DIOR Make-up

Dior Make-up Artist, Princess Dee, worked on hiding all the stubborn spots.

These are what Princess used to beauty yours truly.

Capture Totale P3,450
Rouge Dior P1,650
Dior Blush - 2,050
Extreme Fit Foundation Powder P3,150
Eyeshadow - P3,250
Mascara -Dior Show Iconic - 1,950

Friday, September 2, 2011

Lacoste Purple Wedge

I love wedge! I love purple! When I saw this Lacoste purple wedge at Robinsons Galleria from my Shopping Escapade, I drool!

(Block, P4,395)

Life and then Som

Best Purple Gown

Here's a purple gown that won in the recently concluded Miss Resorts World Manila, worn by Liezl Verses. I like the material used by the designer, it was light and flowing, much like the material they use for handkerchief. Liezl, carried the won so well, salute to her!

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