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Friday, September 30, 2011

A New Running Sensation

There's a buzz about an innovative new running shoe in the country. New runners and seasoned runners are busy trying on this running sensation, because of the shoe’s unique CloudTec 3D cushioning: a sensation compared to “running on clouds”, due to the innovative design which protects the body against the stresses of running while also helping to enhance performance.

Chris Sports is the official distributor of On-Running. Price: Php 7995 for the Cloudsurfer, Php 8295 for the Cloudrunner. I was torn between the two colors, I'm delighted to have tried both but still undecided which to get. Suggestion?

I'm open on embracing a new and "unknown" brand in search of a better running shoe that can help prevent injury for I'm going to take my running on a higher level next year. I was very impressed on the shoe’s unique feel. The On Running differs from traditional cushioning by absorbing both the vertical and horizontal forces that stress a runner’s body so reducing impact on muscles and joints. The shoe’s flexible sole and low heel activate the postural muscles, providing the cushioning needed to run fast and long, while allowing the foot’s muscles to improve by themselves. This is probably why they say "running on clouds" because it literally feels like it, so soft and light.

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