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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


EIskin Laboratories bring Metro Manila skincare denizens DermatoPoietin, a Swiss dermatological line of products specially formulated to induce the growth of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and other extracellular matrix components that are essential for maintaining youthful, healthy and glowing skin. The collection of products are specially formulated for hair protection, eye contour, face, body, hand, nail and foot care, and come in gel, cream or serum format. The patented formulations were created with advanced technologies from the industries of biochemistry, dermatological science and skincare intelligence. In a nutshell, DermatoPoietin will turn time back and rejuvenate your skin using only the most progressive of technologies available worldwide.

Eye Contour Rejuvenation Anti-Aging Serums

Composed of a myriad of ingredients, the serums are formulated for virtually any type of skin. Gentle enough to treat the sensitive eye area, it supports the skin to restore vivid radiance, to abate puffiness, dark circles, and uneven skin tones around the eyes. The active ingredients remain on the skin for three hours and smoothen the skin out in 24 with the tandem of serums 1 & 2 working to achieve the best results.

Rejuvenation System Anti-Aging Serum and Multi-Vitamin Complex

The rejuvenation system is a high performance cosmeceutical line that effectively corrects, reduces, smoothens and removes the signs of skin aging. It is especially effective on the face and neck, and can be used by all skin types.

Used once daily before retiring for the night, the Anti-Aging Serum restores dermal collagen and elastin to aging skin, enhances hyaluronic acid synthesis (resulting in highly moisturized and hydrated skin), improves liquid microcirculation and skin elasticity. The signs of skin aging like wrinkles, lines, irregularities of the complexion, loss of skin tightness, brightness and density are improved in record time. Furthermore, the line simultaneously improves the skin immune response, increases the skin’s resistance to possible microbial invasion, prevents the appearance of pimples and supports skin cells to resist the negative effects of stress.

Its partner, meanwhile, supplies the skin with essential nutritious ingredients such as vitamins E, B and K, allowing the skin to balance and adjust to the rejuvenation changes initiated by the Anti-Aging Serum. This product can be applied and reapplied throughout the day as much as is required.

Moisturizing Cream

This high performance cosmeceutical product is excellent for hydrating the skin, as well as correcting, reducing, smoothening and removal of the signs of skin aging. It is highly effective for the face and neck skin surfaces. The cream, which comes in a handy little jar, can be applied several times a day. Aside from UV-A and –B filters, the cream contains a collection of anti-aging active ingredients that result in skin rejuvenation, restoring of dermal collagen and the elastin framework, enhancement of hyaluronic acid synthesis, improvement of liquids microcirculation and of skin elasticity. Wrinkles, lines and other telltale signs of aging are similarly diminished and removed.

Cleansing Milk

The cleansing milk was developed for deep yet gentle skin cleansing and effectively removes makeup and other acne-causing impurities. Application is very easy—simply soak a cotton pad with the milk and lightly wipe over the face and neck area, then follow through with the DermatoPoietinCleansing Tonic.

Cleansing Tonic

Along with the Cleansing Milk, the Tonic effectively removes any makeup residues and completes the action of the Milk. It can be used as many times as possible to rejuvenate and refresh the skin.

Clay Mask

A series of active ingredients ensure deep skin purifying and high skin rejuvenating properties. Excellent for the face and neck area, the mask can be used by all types of skin. Used once or twice a week, the mask can be left on for 10-15 minutes and rinsed off with lukewarm water, then followed on by applying the Cleansing Tonic. The mask absorbs excessive sebum secretion, leaving your skin smooth and firm with a clear complexion. It acts synergistically with the DermatopoietinFace and Eye Contour Rejuvenation products.

General Purpose Skin Serum & Emulsion

The external signs of cellulite are adequately attacked by the serum, which was developed as a professional body-care product. It can be used by all types of human skin. Used once daily, active ingredients shift and balance the skin’s biochemical equilibrium. Collagen and elastin are renewed, thereby improving the elasticity and tone of the skin. The body’s contours develop a sleeker, firmer look, and the skin feels fresher and rejuvenated. Furthermore, it improves the skin’s immune response, increases its resistance to possible microbial invasion, prevents the development of pimples, and stimulates the skin cells to deal better with stress.

The emulsion, meanwhile, supplies aging skin with essential nutritious ingredients such as Vitamins B and K. The product can be used several times a day, and gives excellent support to the effects of the General Purpose Skin Serum by significantly fortifying the skin and bestowing an incredibly silky feeling. 


Used in lieu of regular over-the-counter shampoos, this product stimulates growth factors, leading to an anti androgenic alopecia effect. The cosmeceutical properties of the shampoo result in overall strengthening of the hair and a reduction of hair loss.

Hair Protection System

This high performance cosmeceutical line was developed with the main purpose of diminishing hair loss. It is an excellent professional cure for scalp skin surface concerns, and can be used by all types of skin. The two serums are used in coordination to involve a series of biochemical processes that result in an anti androgenic alopecia effect. The end result involves an overall strengthening of hair and consistent reduction of hair loss.  Use after the DermatoPoietinShampoo for best results.

Hand Rejuvenation Anti-Aging Creams

This pair of cream serums was developed as a hand-care product for correction, reduction, smoothening and removal of the signs of aging as seen on the hands. They can be used by almost all types of skin. Applied like any over the counter lotion, the serums work in tandem to improve skin elasticity, stimulate collagen and elastin growth, increase intercellular liquids microcirculation, and ameliorate the overall protective ability of the skin. Skin lines are diminished and the hand complexion is improved. The skin is nourished and softened, and age spots are removed, while the skin’s resistance to stress is greatly improved.

Nourishing Foot Cream

Intense care for the foot skin surface is well provided by this cream. Collagen and elastin growth are encouraged, while intercellular liquids microcirculation is increased. The skin’s elasticity is improved and the skin’s overall protective ability is enhanced. The skin’s immune response is also bettered, leaving the skin more resistant to microbial invasion, and better resistant to life’s daily stressors.

The products are available at your favorite dermatological clinic. Otherwise, interested parties can call Ana Monta at 0919-5674959. DermatoPoietin is exclusively distributed locally by the eIskin Laboratories.


  1. Where can you buy these products?

    1. Hi! This products is available in select derma clinics.


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