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Friday, May 11, 2012

ClariFirm at Envie

The skin’s natural process of regeneration usually starts to slow down in our mid-twenties. Thus, it is important to take extra care of the skin once one hit this stage.  After the LipoExpress Treatment at Envie Slim and Sculpt, Lani and I were treated to try ClariFirm.

ClariFirm is NOT your ordinary Facial treatment. It uses a special machine that delivers substances through the use of electrical polarity. Thus, the substance has 70% higher efficiency compared to the same substance only applied to the skin the usual way. ClariFirm is recommended for all skin types. This treatment restores this process, hence giving you young skin—again. This treatment has a strengthening, firming and lifting effect. Blood circulation is increased and the skin’s natural process in cell regeneration is improved. Clarifirm can be done to anyone except for pregnant women and people with pacemakers 


ClariFirm is a combination of 4 treatments—Skin Scrubber, Iontophoresis, Ultrasound and Micro Current Lifting.

Skin Scrubber Effects
·         Decomposes sebum and sterilizes
·         Stimulates and activates collagen production
·         Scaling
·         Lifting
·         Dissolves melanin
·         Micro-massage

 Iontophoresis  Effects

·         Skin rejuvenation
·         Reduces scarring
·         Reduces fine wrinkles
·         Treats post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation and Melasma
·         Prevents skin-ageing

Ultrasound Effects
·         Fat decomposition by the strong vibration
·         Improves blood circulation
·         Lymphatic drains
·         Skin rejuvenation
·         Lifting
·         Relief of muscle spasms

Micro Current Lifting Effect

Micro current action activates the skin fiber therefore reducing wrinkles, improving elasticity, firming and lifting the skin. It increases skin elasticity by strengthening the connective tissue of collagen and elastin fibers.

See the difference: 
After just one treatment,  skin clarity, texture and firmness is noticeable.

Before ClariFirm

After ClariFirm

See and feel the difference by visiting Envie Slim and Sculpt at Unit A-2 ITC Commercial Complex, Panay Avenue, corner Timog, Quezon City. Contact numbers: 709-4116, 351-0143, 0918-659 3553. 

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