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Friday, July 13, 2012

Easy Ab Workout

When I gave birth to twins Julia and Rafael, I gained 62 pounds.  Three years after, I gave birth again with youngest child, Juan. I noticed that my tummy area stayed the same, as if I'm still pregnant.  I get questions like, are you on the way and how many months are you on the way. Ouch!

Because of the above mentioned questions I bought and tried a lot of Ab workout videos but I'd usually end up hating it because most of them are hard to follow.

Last 2007, I bought this video and it actually helped me find some of my abs. Kidding aside, this is the only ab exercise I keep because not only it is effective, the workout is easy which includes mostly  leg ups. 

This video includes warm up, 20 minute ab workout, and  5 minute (if busy) quick fix ab workout. This is best among all my ab workout because it shows movements that elongate and lengthen abs creating lean lines and enhances posture. It targets upper and lower abs, obliques and love handles.

I wanted to give my mommy friends this video for Mother's Day but when I went to video stores it's out of stock. I don't know if this is downloadable. I hope you can still find a copy for I highly recommend this to women who want to develop abs the easy way. 

Now, I'm confident to wear skinny jeans, short and tight-fitting tops and dresses.

 With my bunsoy, Juan, at LILIW ADVENTURE

With Luke Mijares at MEDICARD'S 25th ANNIVERSARY

With Enchong Dee at Ipanema Jungle Show

With Hulk at Toy Kingdom Megamall


  1. Hay mommy joy sob rang inggit ako sa figure mo, I wish i have the drive the same as yours to be consistent with my own routine :(

    1. Kaya mo yan, Weng. Galing din ako sa walang motivation. Believe in yourself. You can do it. It only takes 21 days to change your mind. Kaya mo yan.

  2. pahiram namn ate joy.. pa burn ko.hehehe


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