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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Harnn is now in the Philippines

Harnn, a leading Asian brand of body care and home spa productsnches is now in the Philippines with 2 branches that sets the new standard for a new contemporary luxury lifestyle.  HARNN’s retail stores captures the spirit of traditional herbal medicine shop but with a luxurious flare.  

The Asian artistic heritage is reflected in each of HARNN’s award-winning product and packaging designs, making each piece a contemporary luxury designed to enrich your everyday life.

Apart from HARNN skincare and home spa products, HARN Products Co., Ltd. launched VUUDH home fragrance collection and TICHAA organic white mulberry herbal infusion to create a total wellness experience in line with the HARNN’s holistic philosophy to wellbeing.
HARNN has become a world leading Natural Home Spa product brand with exclusive concept shops and flagship stores in 15 countries.  

To know more about HARNN, please visit our web site at www.harnn.com or visit HARNN retail stores located at:  
G/F Glorietta 5, Ayala Center, Makati City
2/F SM Megamall A, Mandaluyong Cit

Jasmine Collection - Natural Beauty

Jasmine is one of the most treasured blossoms throughout civilizations of Asia and Asia Minor. In Asia, Jasmine is the traditional flower for making delicate and fragrant garland for offerings to deities as well as for use in auspicious occasion to present to respected elders as symbol of humility. In Thailand, Jasmine symbolizes the purity of mother’s love and care for her children. The aromatherapy effect of Jasmine essential oil is unsurpassed emotional tonics. The sensuously rich and exotic aroma of Jasmine essential oil is cleansing, uplifting and purifying.


Cymbopogon Collection - Restore Natural Skin Balance

The union of East and West creates a synthesis of ultimate delight with the concoction of Lemongrass and Lavender.  The zesty citrus aroma of pure Lemongrass essential oils is balanced with the sweet and refreshing scent of pure Lavender essential oil for a unique Eurasian fragrance. Lemongrass, Cymbopogon flexuosus, is native to South and Southeast Asia.  Traditionally use to provide fragrance for food and drinks. Asians have discovered Lemongrass natural antiseptic, antifungal, antimicrobial and anti-inflammation properties and have used Lemongrass extensively in traditional herbal medicine and ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine.  Lavender, Lavandula Angustifolia originated from Asian Minor with first recorded use during Greek civilization and expanded usage during the Roman Empire.  Lavender possesses a sweet and refreshing scent with natural antiseptic and anti-inflammation properties as well as calmative and aid restful sleep.

Oriental Rose Collection - Enhance Natural Skin Tone

HARNN Oriental Rose collection utilizes pure Chinese Rose essential oil for the rich and mesmerizing natural fragrance.  Key active ingredients utilize high technology in processing natural ingredient to create nano seaweed extract from Rhodymenia Palmate (red seaweed) and Ulva Lactuca (green seaweed) to maximize effectiveness in stimulating Collagen and Elastin production for younger looking skin with natural anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidant properties to reduce signs of aging.  Nanospheres Coenzyme Q10 combines with Phoshlipid from Soybean and Carrageenans from Seaweed help deliver nourishment deep into your epidermis for most effective moisturizing experience.

Tropical Wood Collection - Absolute Age-Defying Body Care

Tropical Wood Collection balances pure essential oil of Sandalwood and Orange Blossom to create soothing and refreshing scent yet calming aroma. The Fresh Cells extracting actives from nature enriched with vitamins and antioxidant properties. NanoWhite Technology helps reduce dark spots and skin discolorations from today harmful environment.

To capture the natural fragrance of Jasmine, delicate flowers are collected by hand as soon as they open at night and before dawn when the essential oil will evaporate by the heat of the sun.  The essential oil is extracted from delicate blossoms through a process known as effleurage by laying Jasmine blossoms on panes of fat covered glass to absorb every molecule of essential oils.  The process is repeated daily with fresh flowers until the fat is thoroughly saturated with the essential oils. This volatile organic compound is diluted with solvent to extract pure Jasmine essential oil used in HARNN's Jasmine Collection.   20,000,000 is the number of Jasmine Sambac blossoms required to product one liter of Jasmine essential oil for HARNN’s Jasmine Collection of hair and body care products to pamper and tantalize your senses with all natural active ingredients, such as, Pomegranate, Rice Germ Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, and Aloe Vera to nourish, moisturize and clarify your body and mind.

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