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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The Body Shop launches its new moisturising Honey Bronze make-up range, so you can shimmer and glow with a bronzed and beautiful look thanks to its special ingredient.Honey is known as one of nature’s best moisturisers - it’s used in the range as when skin is moisturised it feels and looks smooth, so you can enjoy even application and a natural-looking bronzed and beautiful complexion. Discover new Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil, Brilliance Powder, Bronzing Gel For Face, Lip Nectar and Bronzing Powder. These products are ideal whether you want a subtle hint of bronze, or you prefer deeper tones. You can say goodbye to patchy bronzing thanks to the honey bee, instead enjoy smooth, moisturised skin with a bronzed glow - this range simply wouldn’t be possible without the incredible work of the honey bee, providing honey and beeswax used across the range.

Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil
You are bound to love this light-weight moisturising body oil. It gives skin a natural-looking beautifully bronzed shimmering glow, with a dry finish. Long-lasting and streak-free, it contains Community Fair Trade honey from Ethiopia and beeswax from Cameroon to moisturise. That’s right, these are two perfect ingredients for inclusion in this bronzing product, moisturising, softening and smoothing your skin.

Apply to your body using circular motions. Wash hands after use.

Honey Bronze Brilliance Powder
This illuminating powder can be applied to your cheeks and collarbone, leaving skin looking glowing and radiant. Enhance your natural skin colour with this easy-to-apply powder, which gives an instant shimmer courtesy of the integrated brush. It contains Community Fair Trade honey from Ethiopia and Community Fair Trade beeswax from Cameroon.

Release the powder by twisting the top, and apply directly to your cheeks and d├ęcolletage, until you have the perfect depth of colour you desire. Available in two shades.

Honey Bronze Bronzing Gel For Face
This lightweight moisturising bronzing gel suits all skin tones, giving an even and natural-looking honey-bronzed glow – it can also be used to enhance a natural tan. It contains Community Fair Trade honey from Ethiopia and beeswax from Cameroon, as well as organic aloe vera from Guatemala.

Simply smooth over skin gently, blend for a perfect finish and wash hands after use.

Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder
Discover a compact bronzer to give your skin a matte, natural-looking glow. Ideal for a smooth and even finish, simply using a bronzer brush, dust over forehead, cheeks, nose and chin – anywhere the sun naturally touches your face.

With four shades available, each contains Community Fair Trade honey from Ethiopia, beeswax from Cameroon and marula oil from Namibia.

Honey Bronze Lip Nectar
The Body Shop has developed two perfect shades of lip gloss to offset your bronzed look. With a sheer highshine glossy tint, Honey Bronze Lip Nectar is perfect for parched or sun-exposed lips. You can wear these alone or over lip colour, providing your lips with great moisturisation. Each product contains Community Fair Trade honey, beeswax and marula oil.

Available in two shades. Honey Bunch and Honeycomb.Did you know beekeeping was illegal in New York?
Up until 2010, New York City was one of the few jurisdictions in the USA to class beekeeping as illegal – honey bees were categorised alongside hyenas, tarantulas, cobras, dingoes and “dangerous” creatures. Thankfully residents of New York are now allowed keep hives of Apis mellifera, the common, nonaggressive honey bee.

The Body Shop is so concerned about the potential demise of the honey bee in many countries around the world, that it has taken a number of different measures - in addition to sourcing honey and beeswax from traditional bee-keepers. The Body Shop head office in England has introduced bee hives, and these beehives are maintained by employees on-site. Employees have received training to help them keep the hives, and volunteer on a rotating basis, giving thousands of bees a safe haven.

In addition, The Body Shop Foundation is funding research being undertaken by Sussex University in the UK to establish specific flora and fauna to help the British bee in urban areas. This involves planting different species of flowers and shrubs and monitoring the local bee population. To facilitate the research, The Body Shop head office has planted different species of lavender to help the bee on its grounds and the results are being studied by the researchers.

Want to know what you can do to help save the bees?
- Buy fruit and vegetables from stores selling local produce. This encourages and supports local farmers.
- Cultivate a small garden, growing native plants to make it bee-friendly.
- Avoid the use of pesticides.
- Avoid seeds coated in insecticides. These can cause the entire plant to become toxic to bees that may
try to feed on it.
- Resist the temptation to tear up all your weeds. Instead let them grow – especially clover and dandelion
- Create a buzz – help raise awareness of the plight of the bee, by telling friends and family how they can help save the bees.
- Buy honey that is sourced from beekeepers that don’t kill the bees at the end of each season.
- Take up beekeeping. It’s a rewarding hobby, and it’s not just for people living in the countryside.
- Don’t kill the bees! If your garden is attracting swarms of bees, that’s great news. If you are concerned they might sting, contact your local beekeeping association.

About the Honey and Beeswax used in new Honey Bronze
The team at The Body Shop searched long and hard to find honey and beeswax hives and suppliers meeting the objectives of the unique Community Fair Trade programme.
Peter Stedman, from the Community Fair Trade team, says: “I’ve spent time with our suppliers in Ethiopia and Cameroon, visited the hives, seen the bees in action - and frankly developed something of a passion for the honey bee. These creatures are truly amazing, and I’m thrilled that now in the UK our office has hives maintained by
employees. Sadly the opportunity to get up close and personal with the honey bee is under serious threat in many parts of the world - however our suppliers epitomise best practice, using traditional methods to help sustain the natural habitat of the bees”.

The Community Fair Trade honey used in Honey Bronze is supplied by Bezamar, an Ethiopian company that is working with beekeepers from the Bale mountains in the south of Oromia state in Ethiopia. The beekeepers employ traditional methods, using hives handcrafted from locally grown bamboo. This promotes strong, healthy bees, plus it deters logging in the forest. The raw comb is harvested, then tested for quality before the honey is separated and filtered. In addition to ensuring a fair price for this ingredient, The Body Shop pays an additional fund to the Oromia State Forest Department, supporting their excellent work pioneering community forest management.

The Community Fair Trade beeswax used in Honey Bronze products comes from the remote Adamaoua region of Cameroon through an organisation called ‘Guide D’Espoir, which translates to ‘Guiding Hope’. The beeswax is harvested from hives made of local, sustainable materials. The hives last around 2 years, with the grasses and bamboo eventually rotting, which encourages the bees to move regularly, enjoying a new clean home and helping them stay healthy and free of disease.

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