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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Similar Outfit for Mom and Daughter

Having twin kids is probably one of my greatest accomplishment in life but it has always been my frustration to see them wearing the exact - same clothes. When they were babies, I used to buy them clothes of the same print - one in pink and one in blue, had difficulty doing the same when Julia and Rafael turned 4. What I did? It's now Julia and I who wear similar outfits.

Mother and daughter bonding at the recently concluded two-day Magic Workshop, where we wore same outfit. The tops were bought at Just G (sister company of Gingersnaps). My leggings at The Landmark at P199, Julia's leggings at Market Market at P70.

Shopping Bag


  1. hooray!! nakasali k dn! ;)) i love your outfits! i have seen online mga ganyan...na post ko dn sa mameeandmefashion forget where na ehehehh pakita ko sau pag nahanap ko...sayang d ako nakabili pero will buy soon :D hehehe

  2. wow naman ang cute naman ng mag mommy na yan hehehe!!

  3. You look like sisters! Hehehe! Gorgeous mom and daughter with the same outfits. I hope I can have the same courage us you did, my three daughters have different style of the their own when comes to clothing and stuff.

  4. oh yeah! sasali ako this week. visit mo entry ko, hihi..nice outfit.. wala ko same with my two daughters, besides they don't like the idea of having the same outfit. hihi

  5. Jes, always will join...basta lang di busy.

    Bed, syempre naman...

    Joy, tukayo, thanks for dropping by!

    Nuts, san na entry mo?


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