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Friday, April 5, 2013

Goody® QUIK STYLE™ Paddle Brush and Water Wicking Detangling Comb

Summer means hitting the beach, cooling off by the pool and getting into all sorts of water sports and activities that leave your hair soaking wet.  Tendency is, not only does your hair take too long to dry, but also gets all messy and tangled by the time it does. Well, great news, Goody understands your need to dry and style your hair in no time and introduced the new Goody® QUIK STYLE™ Paddle Brush and Water Wicking Detangling Comb – two time-saving tools that remove 30 percent of water from the hair to reduce overall drying and styling time!

The Goody® QUIK STYLE™ products bring clever enhancements to familiar tools that are thoughtfully designed to save your time. The Goody® QUIK STYLE™ Paddle Brush is a revolutionary product for detangling and drying wet hair. It allows for quick removal of excess water and styling with or without a hair dryer. Its super-absorbent microfiber bristles wrap around wet hair like a towel to absorb water with every stroke, while ball-tipped bristles detangle and smoothen hair, remaining comfortable on the scalp.  The Goody® QUIK STYLE™ Water Wicking Detangling Comb, on the other hand, is a slim and full-size comb that separates and smoothens hair while wicking away excess water before leaving the shower. It glides easily through hair, detangling and removing excess water, while a convenient hook allows for easy access in the shower.

Now, especially at the height of summer, every woman can spend less time drying and styling hair, and more time doing other things she truly enjoys with Goody® QUIK STYLE™!

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