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Monday, April 22, 2013

Summer Dress

There's something about summer dresses...Hmmm, let's see...It gives you a fashion style without exerting too much effort. When wearing a soft fabric summer dress, it provides that cool effect, both in fashion and weather. Girls, don't miss out on wearing a summer dress this perfect summer season, but don't just wear it, wear with confidence and sexiness.

Here are four women I caught wearing beautifully their respective summer dresses.

Twenty-four year old Christina Barriga Ramos of Spain is wearing a summer dress she bought in SM. 

At My HealthySuperhero Event
Young Mom, Anne Chua, is five months on the way with her second child yet  is still looking sexy  with the summer dress she bought some three years ago in Thailand
Stunning Monette Garcia proudly shared she bought this Mango summer dress a year and a half ago at 50% off, around P700.

Shy and pretty Melody Co of Girl Kuripot was wearing a summer dress she bought from Thailand.

My favorite summer dresses...

This is xhiliration which I got for just P250 at Regina's in GreenhillsI actually bought it for my daughter, but it's still a bit big for her. I tried it on and voila! It fits and it's mine, mine,mine.


  1. thanks for including me, mommy joy. nahiya naman ako hehe. i like monette's dress!!! haba nga lang sa akin haha.

    1. ganda nga ng summer dress mo, I like!


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