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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Basic Black, White and Denim

Funny when I saw myself wearing almost the same attire as this mannequin at Rustan's last June 20. I was not able to contain myself, I asked the nice saleslady to write down this attires'cost, all from Sineqoanone Collection:

Black leather jacket: P28,450
White shirt: P 3,950
Scarf: P 2,950
Black belt: P 2,450
Denim Pants P 6,450
Black leather bag P 5,650


This doll at Php5,000+++, depending on the dollar rate and the availability for this awesome collection, imported from Japan. Price of the doll's attire is not yet included, it may vary who designed the outfit.

My get-up:

Black leather jacket: (bought from my friend) Php 800.
White shirt: My son Rafael's given by Tita Liza from New Jersey
Scarf: Bought at Landmark, Php169.00.
Black belt: Bought from Human at 50% off, Php 200.
Denim Pants: Bought at Bench, using my BDO accumulated points, Php, 899.00.
Black leather bag: Given by my friend, Marielle.


  1. wow ang laki ng difference talaga!!

  2. good for you girl sayang d ka nag hat or else super level up ka na.


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