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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Purple Brassiere

I don't spend so much on clothes, I can wear stuff as cheap as P100, but when it comes to brassieres, oh my, I can't keep my credit card in the wallet. Here, sharing with you purple bra I found at Marks and Spencer - Shangri-La Mall.

From P1,500 down to P930

For extra push (which I need so much)

From P2, 150 down to P1,290

From P1,250 down to P750

Marks and Spencer is on Sale, visit any of their shops all over Manila.

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  1. me I love clothes so much of course including the underwear. When it comes to underwear I always go for the design and quality. i tried wearing some
    cheap bra's but it ended me unhappy, madaling ma deform ang pads/foam. Good Buy ka dito girl beautiful inside and out literally.


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