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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Folded and Hung Super Sale

My alone time means going around Shangri-La. Walking while feeding my sense of sight (with all these beautiful clothes) is such a joy!

If Folded and Hung is one of your fave get-ups, head on at their store in Shangri La, they are on sale until July 28.

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  1. looking at these picture reminds me of those time that we're still in manila, first I love shangri-la, cozy,spacious, and it's easy to shop during sale because it's not crowded and the availability of stocks. Of course I love folded n Hung I can't wait to wear my new purple polo shirt after this pregnancy. I bought it last mother's day one for my mama and of course to get the discount i took one for myself(smartbuyer eh!) the fitting is good plus and the fabric is cool to wear.


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