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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lacoste Wallet and Bag

These Lacoste wallet and bag was given to me by my husband in 2002 as a Christmas gift. What's best about this items? Very sturdy! You get your money's worth.

I like this wallet because of it's easy opening, credit cards organizer, and two compartments where I can put big paper bills on the top, and smaller (amount) paper bils.

and a place where I can store coins and receipts

This knapsack bag is roomy enough to carry a small umbrella, multiple wallets, make up kits, etc., etc..

But just like any other women out there, I got used carrying this two. They're now carefully placed in a box, waiting for my daughter to use them. In no time, they'll be Julia's property.


  1. Oh How I wish I could have one of those wallets~ :S

  2. oh, another black...just like me...i like keeping things, for others to use later :)

  3. wow..bongga sis.. sweet namn ni hubby:)

    mine is up..too hope to see yah!

  4. cute bag! I also like carrying things in small bags like that.
    visiting for Chic in Black! hope you could visit mine too..

  5. I like bags and wallets with lots of pockets and even secret pockets! :) Nice items you have!

    CIBM13 #13


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