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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Topman was created in the UK towards the end of the 1970s to provide a new approach to menswear retailing.

It is the stand-alone counterpart of Topshop. Topman caters exclusively to men's clothing. It has a chain of men's clothing stores located throughout the United Kingdom.

Since its creation, Topman has also built an international presence, including the Philippines.

This shirt reminds me of my super fashionable guy friend...

...Julius is a Topman afficionado.
He was wearing the same shirt, though in different color, when we met some three weeks ago.

For all the fashionable men out there, visit Topman at the Second Level of Robinsons Galleria. You might find what you're looking for, just like my friend.


  1. Oi.. close pala talaga kayo ni Julius. Yeah, in fairness.. he dresses up smartly and fashionably understanding. Never shopped at Topman tho. Hihi.

  2. wow! nice and cool outfits! ;D i love that man is wearing :D


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