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Monday, August 15, 2011


Periwinkle employs high quality craftmanship by paying keen attention to details. Smocking, for example, is made entirely by hand for eight hours! The brand takes pride in the visually appealing designs created by smocking. I find it endearing to see little girls wear vintage-like styles, dressesthat make them look like little princesses.

Since Julia and Rafael are twins, I find it easy to buy them an almost similar outfit when they were babies, then to toddlers, and up until now at eight years old.

Below are great finds at Perinwinkle, visit their branches as they join Robinsons Mall Red Hot Sale.
This cute green and white blouse at 70%

Boys' pants at 70%, too!

Below is an example of my favorite Periwinkle outfit I bought for Julia and Rafael's for their birthdays.

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  1. i LOVE PERIWINKLE!! :d I SELDOM BUY COZ we cant afford but i bought twice when they have sale and i love it! the price is worth it!


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